With so much emphasis in today’s wine culture on singular elements of winemaking such as alcohol, whole cluster fermentation, or oak regiment; Scar of the Sea strives to shift the pendulum to focus on what is in the glass. The most important part of our wines and cider is where they are grown. Location, climate, and soils matter.  These wines and ciders are crafted with minimal manipulation.  Balance is achieved through working directly with growers at carefully selected vineyard sites, and the wines ultimately show where they are grown. All the vineyards and orchards are influenced by the sea, with maritime soils, and climates, producing wines and ciders that are unique to the Central Coast of California.



Name Origin

Michael and Mikey met while Mikey was in his final years of college at Cal Poly.  They became friends based on their shared interest and fascination in wine and the ocean. Mikey started to work for Michael while he was the winemaker at Kenneth Volk Vineyards, learning from both him and Ken as much as he could. Under Michael's advice Mikey decided to go to the Southern Hemisphere to continue to make wine during the California winter and spring.

Mikey chose Tasmania due to his passion for sparkling wines and pinot noir along with its proximity to the ocean. While there, Mikey fell in love with hard ciders and was able to help produce hard cider with some small wine producers close to Pipers Brook.  During Mikey's final 3 weeks in Tasmania his employer gave him the flatbed truck and some camping gear, and he was off on a three week camp, surf and wine adventure around the island.

While Mikey was visiting the Northwest of the island he stumbled upon a small red brick church that was literally steps off the sand. It was beautiful, though a bit neglected and overgrown, and he noticed a stained glass window on the entrance of the church with writing in Old English font. The sea foam green glass was overgrown by ivy and said what he thought to be "Scar of the Sea". As it turns out after showing multiple people the picture of this place, Mikey cannot read Old English and it actually said "Star of the Sea".

When Mikey returned home to the central coast in June, he told Michael about his trip. Emphasizing on his love for the beauty of “Tassie” and for his new fondness of Apple wine or as we call it “hard cider”. They discussed how they wanted to begin making Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the Central Coast, convinced that they could craft something uniquely special.  Starting small and retaining focus on making the best wines possible from what both consider world class vineyards was their key mantra. They also decided to begin making hard cider from Central Coast apples, utilizing their expertise in winemaking as well as some of Mikey's experience making cider and sparkling wine in “Tassie”.

When discussing names and marketing the new brand it was a no brainer. Mikey had told Michael about his experience with what he was convinced had read "Scar of the Sea.” It made perfect sense for their project. Michael and Mikey have both been ocean lifeguards, and their friendship was established through surfing and fishing.  They are both are drawn to the ocean and spend as much time as possible in and around it. However, more than their shared affinity for the ocean, both are believers that the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in California are grown in vineyards that have marine influenced climates and soils. The same can be said for the best apple orchards and, as such, the decision was made to source the vast majority of their apples from coastal valleys and canyons.

One of Mikey's favorite books is Herman Melville's Moby Dick. While dreaming up label and branding concepts they often thought of the imagery used in this novel. Working with a close friend, Sean Smetona, in San Clemente they were able to generate a charcoal sketch of their cider label on canvas. This is where Scar of the Sea imagery is derived across all labels with motivations derived from experiences of outdoor adventures, stormy seas, vineyards, and fishing. The top priority for Scar of the Sea has and always will be the wine or cider in the bottle. With that said, the name and imagery of the brand tells the story of where Mike and Mikey come from and where their passions lie.