Mikey chose Tasmania due to his passion for sparkling wines and pinot noir along with its proximity to the ocean. While there, Mikey fell in love with hard ciders and was able to help produce hard cider with some small wine producers close to Pipers Brook.  During Mikey's final 3 weeks in Tasmania his employer gave him the flatbed truck and some camping gear, and he was off on a three week camp, surf and wine adventure around the island.

While Mikey was visiting the Northwest of the island he stumbled upon a small red brick church that was literally steps off the sand. It was beautiful, though a bit neglected and overgrown, and he noticed a stained glass window on the entrance of the church with writing in Old English font. The sea foam green glass was overgrown by ivy and said what he thought to be "Scar of the Sea". As it turns out after showing multiple people the picture of this place, Mikey cannot read Old English and it actually said "Star of the Sea".